shun & iva

lead videographer & lead photographer

vil tokyo was founded in 2016 as an aspiration to visually express our view of happenings within the city and our own ideas. and with that our journey of capturing music videos, live performances, fashion and portraits began.

無限のアイディア・その一つがvil tokyoを起こし、ミュージックビデオやライブ、ファッションやポートレート、つまり東京の流れているエネルギーを撮る旅を始めることでした。

— 35° 39' 10.1952'' N

139° 50' 22.1208'' E —

our clients


south korea

American Express x Adidas by Stan Smith・New Balance ・Sweetescape・LIBJOIE・Nestrobe (Highgrove) ・ELENORE・Smartech x Snapchat・coxco・Bolon Eyewear・17Live・Bigo Live・

Oui the Label

Totalfat・newspeak・Within Destruction ・the engy・No title・N.Flying・MY FIRST STORY・NAMBA69・Sunrise in My Attache Case・Saguwa・Crystal Lake・NOISEMAKER etc.

seoul, daegu


shanghai, chengdu, shenzhen, guangzhou


belgrade, zlatibor


okinawa, osaka, Kyoto, miyagi