Throw Your Lights Sway Music Video by shun murakami

Throw Your Lights “Sway” – Music Video in Saitama

It was 4am in the morning when we arrived home. We started unloading the car truck loaded with guitars, camera gear and lighting equipment. It was hot and humid, like any summer in Japan and we’d just gotten back from an 11 hour long shooting in Saitama. What were we doing so long?!, you might wonder. 

In early July this year we ventured out of Tokyo having the chance of filming a music video for one of the bands that has been around in Kumagaya since forever – the Throw Your Lights. We collaborated with the guys in order to create this street style music video focusing on badass characters you can find in Tokyo and surrounding area. Street culture is the kind of setting they all grew up in, so it was quite natural for them to implement street culture in Saitama into their own music. It was also important for the music video to reflect the similar taste and imagery too. Naturally, having captured a couple of scenes in the notorious narrow passages in Shibuya, we moved on to shooting the main part of the video two hours away, in a less known Kumagaya.

Throw Your Lights Band


The song we were filming is called “Sway” and most of the music video for this song was filmed in the neighborhood in Saitama where the band members spend most of their days. Other times, they can be found in a live house in West Shinjuku, which is the other place where the rest of the music video was filmed. Naturally, they organise most of their live concerts in Kumagaya, but are also active in Tokyo as well. 


You can take a look at the BTS shots and official band pictures below.

Throw Your Lights Band Vocalist by ivana micic

Band Photography Japan by ivana micic

Band Photography by ivana micic

Band Photography by ivana micic

Throw Your Lights Band by ivana micic

Throw Your Lights Band by ivana micic

Throw Your Lights Band by ivana micic

Shot with: Canon 5D mark iii / Sony a7 sii


Throw Your Lights Official Page:

Throw Your Lights Twitter: @TYL_official

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