Shun & Iva

lead videographer & lead photographer

  One videographer, one photographer, unlimited ideas – one of them was founding vil tokyo [est. 2016] and starting the journey of capturing music videos, live performances, fashion and portraits, the living energy of Tokyo.

一人のビデオグラファー、一人のフォトグラファー、無限のアイディア - その一つがvil tokyoを (est. 2016年) 起こし、ミュージックビデオやライブ、ファッションやポートレート、つまり東京の流れているエネルギーを撮る旅を始めることでした。

ー 35°41'22.153"N
139°41'30.142"E ー


Belgrade Design Hub Designs with Model Kaya by Ivana Micic

The H Hub

10 of the Best Photographers in Tokyo

Fashion editorial for Salysé Magazine by ivana micic

Salyse Magazine

April 2019

Fashion editorial

Vulkan Magazine

SS 2019

Fashion editorial

Picton Magazine

Spring 2019

editorial for vulkan magazine by ivana micic

Vulkan Magazine

Spring 2019

Editorial for Volant Magazine

Volant Magazine

SS 2019

Solstice Magazine

AW 2018

Fashion Editorial for Feroce Magazine by Ivana Micic

Feroce Magazine

AW 2018

Fashion Editorial for Shuba Magazine by Ivana Micic

Shuba Magazine

AW 2019

Fashion Editorial For Elegant Magazine by Ivana Micic

Elegant Magazine

AW 2018

ivana micic photovogue vogue italia

Photovogue (@vogueitalia)

works & collaborations

/ works /

格闘技 knockout, クロレラ工業、ヤマサ昆布つゆ, カドヤ, もぐー , Google ストリートビュー , ベネッセ, 気仙沼ちょいのぞき, 三陸国際芸術祭, the Aldgate, Huxley, Klasse14, Teledirect Japan, 17Live, NYA-EVO, Dead Pop Festival, Muro Fes; 

/ collabs /

ARABAKI ROCK FES、ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ, 優河, T字路s, BiS, BILLIE IDLE, Zucca Models (Tokyo), Anmoda Models (Tokyo), Model Scouting Office (Serbia), Chance Model Management (Serbia), System Agency, See Models (France);

/ bands /

劇団スカッシュ, 中嶋康孝, 惑星アブノーマル, ラブリーラブリー, へきトラハウス, スキニメイジ, Potomelli, TELECiDE, cheap cheese, umu, DEXTER, Ailiph Doepa, STRIKE AGAIN, Summer means Summer, Radio In Old Trash, GINNEZ , Nomad, THROW YOUR LIGHTS, iffy, Feel Around, Why So Serious?, Bugrava, Cherry Nade 169, C Squared, Drive Boy, Life Core Factory, Fade in Solitude, DrownYou, DATS, THREE 1989, sugar me;

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POY Muzeum - Big Fish behind the scenes by ivana micic